Paul Selig in NYC, April 8, 2017: Eight audio recordings and five transcripts


This offer includes eight audio recordings from Paul Selig’s “Workshop in Freedom,” channeled April 8, 2017, at a one-day workshop in NYC. Transcripts of the four central lectures and the Q&A are also included. Total recording time is 2 hours and 39 minutes.



“Humanity itself is in the face of great change, and everything that has been claimed in fear is making itself known. You have the opportunity to decide anew what kind of world you want….

You are being asked every day to fight your brother. You are being asked every day to hoard your wealth. You are being asked every day to condemn those who are not like you. And the fruits of this is war, is poverty, is disdain for others; and fear itself becomes your God.

If you want to pray to the God of fear, start choosing what it wants and expect to build it higher and higher. If you wish to know the True Self, she is not afraid, and even death itself does not frighten her because she knows who she is. She will always be here; she has always been.”

— from “A Workshop in Freedom”


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