The “Facing Change” Series: Four audio recordings and transcripts

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This offer includes audio recordings of all four of Paul Selig's “Facing Change: The Life Before You” channeled livestreams, recorded in January, 2017, along with their four transcriptions. Total audio time is 4 hours and 36 minutes. Because the first session was free to the public, that recording is included here at no charge.

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“Now the last thing you need to know is what becomes of you. Your investment in a new life has always been in outcomes. “It should look like this or that. I should be this or that.” But the opportunity here, where you stand today, is to be realized, and that only happens now in the moment you stand in. When you decide that what it means to be yourself is something other than where and what you are, you have condemned yourself in the moment you stand in. This does not mean you don’t plan for change, but it does mean that your willingness to be where you are and to claim victory as you stand in this very moment is what summons the Kingdom into manifestation.”

— from the “Facing Change: The Life Before You” Series


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