“Expecting Miracles”: Four video recordings and transcripts


This offer includes video recordings and transcripts for all four of Paul Selig’s “Expecting Miracles” channeled livestreams, delivered between April and May, 2017.

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“The thought of each of you in realization, the witnessing of this, gives us pause. What
does it mean to be in process? What does it mean to witness another in his awakening, in the
pains of growth, in the strategy of becoming who he or she truly is? What does it mean to bear
witness to a man conceding to his true nature, to a woman realizing herself and claiming what
she has always been in truth?

“We will tell you what it is. It is the witnessing of a miracle, and this is the class of
expectation and realization. To be in expectation is to be in presupposition that what wishes to
come will come, and the claim that we make with you and announce you in—“you are here to be
known as what you truly are”—will be the christening that supports the miracle in manifestation.”

— from “Expecting Miracles”


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