“Manifestation: How to Claim the World”: Five audio recordings and transcripts


This offer includes audio recordings and transcripts for all five of Paul Selig’s channeled livestreams entitled “Manifestation: How to Claim the World,” delivered between June and July, 2017.



“Now we thank you each for the encouragement you bring to us and what we bring to
you, which is our awareness of your requirements for evolution. Each one of you who comes to
participate with us has decided on her own that she may know more, be more, claim the truth of
who she is outside of the constructs that she has agreed to as the small self she has known. So
as we say thank you for your willingness to learn, we call you forward to what may now be
claimed and comprehended as the True Self who has decided that she has the right to be. Each
one of you decides, you see, that you are in reality the True Self, and the moment that is
claimed in certitude, in truth, and in an awareness of it, you claim a world immediately.”

— from “Manifestation: How to Claim the World”


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