“The Claim of Love” Series: Five audio recordings and transcripts


This offer includes audio recordings of all five of Paul Selig’s channeled livestreams in “The Claim of Love” Series, recorded between September and October, 2016, along with their five transcriptions. Total audio time is 5 hours and 41 minutes. Because the first session was free to the public, that recording is included here at no charge.



“Some of you disbelieve us, and we honor that as well. The small self that you are has a deep investment in re-creating the known. ‘Who am I without my history? Who am I without my church? Without my husband? Without the names I’ve claimed that have given me credibility in my world?’ We will tell you who you are: the True Self, the eternal self, the Divine Self who can claim the Kingdom, but will not do so when she tries to drag her baggage across the threshold.

‘I would like to see the Kingdom. Here is my steamer trunk of fear. I would like to be in the Kingdom, but not without my resentments. I would like to know myself as free, but I cannot leave that job that pays me so very well even though I can’t stand it anymore.’

If you want your freedom, friends, we will show you the way, but it will be your True Self that leads you. We don’t make you do a damned thing. We know who we are, and who we are is who you become when you realize what you are, the Divine Self as you who is no longer in agreement to a world made in fear.”

— from “The Claim of Love”


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